T.I. Shares Some Words Of Wisdom With His Fans


T.I. shared a couple of interesting messages that his fans appreciated on his social media account. One is from Malcolm X, and you can see it below.

‘Truer words never spoken.#BlackHistory #MalcolmX,’ Tip captioned the post about the media.

Someone said: ‘Just literally finished watching that documentary. #speechless.’
Truer words never spoken. #BlackHistory #MalcolmX

A commenter posted this: ‘After watching the Vick 30 for 30, hearing what you did for him. I salute you brotha, need more brothas like you. Hope to chop it up with you one day.’

Someone else wrote: ‘That’s why it’s important to have true friends/Kings like you and Snoop in one’s life.’

A commenter said: ‘That’s why we have to control it and give our own people power,’ and one other follower posted this: ‘Yet thirsty celebrities stay ready for TMZ just for “platform exposure”…. Well why don’t we get behind and EMPOWER an All Black media outlet.’

Tip shared another message which is pretty motivational as you will see:

A commenter wrote: ‘This is a battle that I find myself fighting more than several times a day,’ and one fan said: ‘Easier said than done, but it’s true. One just has to train your mind.’

Someone else posted: ‘Something I’m practicing. Fewer triggers, just let ppl be great and keep them the hell away from me!’ and another follower said: ‘JUST stay focused… Good and bad just stay prepared.’

One other Instagrammer posted this: ‘Still working on this but every day is a new day for a new opportunity!! I believe God always provides and everything happens for a reason 💯🙏🏻’

Other than this, Tip has been spending a lot of time with his family.

Not too long ago, it was reported that he shared a photo on his social media account in which he can be seen spending some quality time with pals and some of his kids.