“Your going to hell real hell the burning 1, you a thief” – 6-year-old writes letter to teacher


An angry 6-year-old wrote a letter to his teacher because she took 25 of his humming bird bucks, he called her a thief and a crook who would go to hell.

The angry 6-year-old poured out so much of his anger in the letter he wrote to his teacher while also explaining that he can’t be quiet all the time and how he prayed that God gets her to hell “super fast” because he worked hard for his bucks.


His letter reads;

Dear Ms. Jones I am angry of you Because you took 25 of my humming Bird Bucks all because I was talking to Conner thats no big deal im only 6 I cant be Qyet all the time and that makes you a thief and crook d you are going to Hell real Hell the burning 1 because you a thief. I worked hard for those bucks and my Only prayer in chaple today was that god gets you to hell fast super fast and your new hair cut is Bad real bad


Jaquya Bradford who shared the letter on her social media page revealed that the boy’s mother had to attend a parent teacher conference in his school because of the letter her son wrote to his teacher.

The letter has sparked several reactions on social media, see a few below.

I would also like to point out that Isaiah has great handwriting to be 6 and can spell better than most adults. He has a bright future ahead of him. – @HelloKennedi

I admire the way he approached his predicament. 25 humming bird dollars is definitely way too much for talking to Conner! He’s displaying that he understands the act of compromise, and he probably doesn’t even know the word yet! He’s very observant, analytic and understanding. 👏 – @JulyaShimada

This teacher doesn’t understand how a reward system works. He earned his hummingbird bucks. You don’t get to take them away. If he’s misbehaving, he doesn’t earn more bucks. I agree with the kid. That is stealing. – @SAHMvoter

Let me tell you how badly I want to see that haircut LOL – @bastylefilegirl

Okay but, the sentence structure and spelling is amazing for a 6 year old – @damilxla

Well he gets an A for expressing his feelings in writing versus lashing out during class.- @shayshayma

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