Get a Complete Look at Midgar in Final Fantasy VII Remake's Opening Cinematic


In lieu of chocolate, Square-Enix has opted to gift us all with Final Fantasy VII Remake’s opening cinematic ahead of its delayed April 10 release. The movie shows off a full, awe-inspiring look at its revamped cyberpunk city of Midgar and, actually, we get some of our first looks at what it looks like outside of the city. Like in the original game, it looks like an empty world, undeveloped while Midgar thrives as if operating several hundred years in the future.

The city seems to be teeming with life, giving a glimpse of the Sector 6 park and the top crust of the city, where the wealthy live. It’s rare to see Midgar in daytime, due in part to much of the game taking place in Midgar’s slums, which are situated under plates that block out most light. We also see the beginnings of the game’s first operation, a raid of the Sector 1 Reactor, as well as some visual callbacks to the game’s original iconic intro.

It’s faint enough that you might miss it, but throughout the opening, a rearranged version of Sephiroth’s legendary theme “One Winged Angel” plays faintly. It adds an ominous air to the opening, harking the destruction to come during FFVIIR’s world-spanning story.