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Abby Dowse Showcases Her Incredible Curves In Barely-There Lingerie

February 14, 2020

Abby Dowse Showcases Her Incredible Curves In Barely-There Lingerie

Kim Smith

Blond bombshell Abby Dowse is something of a pro when it comes to flaunting her nearly-naked body on social media. For Valentine’s Day, she heated up Instagram with a photo that saw her scantily clad in a set of lingerie that showcased her incredible curves.

The sexy set was made from small sections of blue and cream lace, with a few straps added to help hold the lace on her body. The bra had just enough lace to keep the image safe for Instagram, but left plenty of cleavage to see. Lace straps crossed over and under her breasts, calling even more attention to her voluptuous chest. The panties were also skimpy, with a strap around Abby’s waist, emphasizing her hourglass shape.

Abby stood next to a bed in a bedroom that was decorated mostly in white. A small nightstand was visible behind her and a large window was on the side of one wall.

The beauty leaned one hand on the bed and stood with one hip to the side. The pose accentuated her long torso and slender waistline. She placed one leg in front of the other, showing off her curvy hips and toned thighs. Her sun-kissed skin to glowed from the light streaming in from the window. The camera captured Abby as she looked down with a pouty expression on her face.

The stunner wore her hair down in waves and went with a light application of makeup that included sculpted brows, thick lashes, eyeliner and a nude gloss on her lips. She also wore two pendant necklaces.

In the post’s caption, she mentioned Valentine’s Day, while also plugging online retailer Fashion Nova for the lingerie.

Many of Abby’s fans wished her a happy holiday while pouring on the compliments.

“That lingerie had to have been designed specifically for you it’s so perfect on you,” one admirer told her.

“Happy Valentines Day to the most gorgeous in the world,” said a second Instagram user.

“You just get hotter and hotter you’re gorgeous,” wrote a third fan.

“So beautiful Happy Valentine’s day Abby,” commented a fourth follower.
Valentine’s Day means pretty lingerie 💙 @fashionnova @fashionnovamen fashionnovapartner

Abby is certainly no stranger to looking smoking hot in skimpy lingerie. In fact, judging from her Instagram page, it seems that next to revealing bikinis, the lacy garments might be one of her favorite things to wear. One of her more popular posts in recent days shows her wearing a set of red lingerie.