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OnePlus 8 visits GeekBench benchmark, reveals Snapdragon 865 as standard chipset


The OnePlus 8 has just been to GeekBench and in the process, has revealed what will power it. Good news, it's the Snapdragon 865.


The Coronavirus epidemic has hurt the tech industry quite hard and for the first time, the Mobile World Congress has been cancelled due to the epidemic. However, that has dampened the spirits of phone makers and new phones will continue to launch once the situation is under control. The OnePlus 8 series is in line for launch and it seems that the device is undergoing rigorous testing before it might come out in the next few months.

A recent GeekBenck listing has shown the OnePlus 8 flexing its muscles and posting some impressive numbers. While the numbers could vary on the prototype devices, the list does confirm a few things about the OnePlus. Firstly, it is indeed going to use the Snapdragon 865 that its elder kin, i.e. the OnePlus 8 Pro was spotted using a month ago on GeekBench. That also means the regular OnePlus 8 will support 5G this time.

The second observation is about the RAM capacity. The OnePlus 8 has been spotted with 8GB RAM only. The OnePlus 8 Pro listing revealed 12GB RAM a month ago. Does that mean the OnePlus 8 will be restricted to 8GB RAM only? The OnePlus 7T is limited to 8GB RAM whereas the Pro variant (that too the McLaren Edition) gets 12GB RAM. 8GB RAM is more than enough for most of your smartphone needs and on the OnePlus 8, you shouldn't expect slower performance.

Combining with the previous leaks and rumours, it seems that the OnePlus 8 will be a 'lite' version of the OnePlus 8 Pro but it will still get most of the premium features. The Snapdragon 865 on the OnePlus 8 could end up supporting only 4G in markets like India to keep costs low. Additionally, OnePlus could use the same 64-megapixel Sony IMX686 sensor as the main camera but the rest of the camera configuration could vary by a massive margin.

Most importantly, it remains to be seen whether OnePlus offers the much-hyped 120Hz refresh rate display that it has been proud to talk about for almost a month now. 120Hz will be the buzzword for 2020 and Poco has already started it with the Poco X2. OnePlus said that it will continue to use the 90Hz screen on its 2020 phones and chances are that the OnePlus 8 might end up with the 90Hz 1080p panel only. The 120Hz display could be a feature reserved only for the Pro model.

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