Luke Bryan Reveals Cover of Upcoming 'Born Here, Live Here, Die Here' Album


With a little more than two months to go before Luke Bryan's Born Here, Live Here, Die Here album is released, the singer just revealed the cover of his seventh studio record. The album, which includes both "Knockin' Boots" and his current single, "What She Wants Tonight," will be released on April 24.
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Born Here, Live Here, Die Here earned its name because of the title track, which felt very personal to the Georgia native.

"'Proud to be right here' is a phrase from my new album’s title track, 'Born Here, Live Here, Die Here," Bryan said when announcing the new project. "From the moment I first heard it, I loved that this song related so closely to how I grew up and how I still have so many ties to my hometown. It’s a connection I feel is so important in country music."

Bryan will celebrate the release of Born Here, Live Here, Die Here with his Proud to Be Right Here Tour, with Morgan Wallen, Caylee Hammack and Runaway June serving as his opening acts.

"I am truly so thankful to have the opportunity to make music for my fans and to look out into the crowds each night from stage and be proud of what we’ve created," Bryan said. "And I’m excited to get on the road with these guest artists too. I’ve been watching what Morgan is building with his fans and it has been so fun to watch! I know with him, Caylee and Runaway June on this tour it’s going to be such a high energy night for everyone."

Bryan has yet to reveal which songs will appear on his new album, but he did previously hint it might be shorter than his previous six records.

"I don't know if like a 15, 16 — for a while that was the trend," Bryan previously told Taste of Country. "The only thing that worries me — even with What Makes You Country, my latest album — there are songs on there that are just wonderful songs that do get a little ... lost in the mix. I think if we shrink the size of the albums and really focus on album size, you may in turn kind of make it that way."

Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Kempin