Russell Dickerson Reveals Romantic Valentine's Day Plans With Wife Kailey


It will be a low-key Valentine's Day for Russell Dickerson and his wife, Kailey! The couple, who just finished refurbishing a house in Nashville, will spend the day in their new home, preferring to stay in instead of going out.

“We love to stay in,” Dickerson told PEOPLE. “We love cooking dinner at our own house, especially now that we moved into our new house. We just want to stay home and maybe cook a dinner we would get out. We like to copy other restaurants. There’s a place in Nashville called Kayne Prime, and we made their truffle mac and cheese one year.

"We like to copy other restaurants but definitely stay in and not go out because 99% of the days are eating out at some sort place on the road," he added.

Dickerson has toured with some of the biggest artists in country music, including Thomas Rhett and Lady Antebellum, and will spend part of 2020 on the road with Kane Brown, which makes staying in an indulgent treat.

“My wife gets to travel with me all the time, so that’s the dream,” Dickerson acknowledged. “We travel so much but when we are home, that’s when we really get to cherish that time and shut down and really not do anything.”

Dickerson is back at radio with "Love You Like I Used To" from his upcoming sophomore album. The song was inspired by Kailey, even though she didn't love it, at least at first.

"After I played it she was like, 'Oh, I don't think you nailed it on this one,'" Dickerson told Billboard. "I was like, 'Wow. OK.' And that's why I love her. She's brutally honest no matter what. Then we [Dickerson and his co-writers] got back together I think about six months later and we were like, 'All right, let's see if we can fix this song.'

"We completely rewrote the entire song, but kept the chorus," he continued. "We restructured the song and then after we finished, we had a couple of people from our team and my wife and we played it for them. They were like 'Holy crap! There we go!'"

No word yet when Dickerson's sophomore record will be released, but he did hint he might soon share more music. Download "Love You Like I Used To" at

Photo Credit: Getty / Jeff Kravitz