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XXX Celebration: Pornhub Marks St. Valentine's Day With Free Premium, Personal Vids

Along with being afforded an opportunity to gift free premium access to a person of their choosing, users were also offered to send personalised video messages starring some of Pornhub's top stars.

As people in various corners of the planet celebrate the St. Valentine's Day, one of the world's top digital adult content providers, Pornhub, has decided to mark the occasion in its trademark style.

According to LADbible, Pornhub's visitors were allowed free premium access to the website "without having to hand over any credit card details", noting that last year, some three million people took advantage of a similar offer.

As Pornhub's vice president Corey Price has explained, their website is all about "getting people in the mood", adding that it's something that they do "for 120 million site visitors every day".

"What gets people in the mood more than Pornhub?", he inquired. "That's why we're making Pornhub Premium free for anyone and everyone to access for the holiday. Whether you are spending the holiday with a significant other or loving yourself solo, we want to lend a helping hand to ensure everyone is feeling the love this Valentine's Day."

The website also provides an opportunity to gift free premium access to a person of one's choosing, as well as to send them a personalised video message starring one of Pornhub's top porn stars, Asa Akira or Rod Jackson, or "Ryan Creamer, the man behind Pornhub's most wholesome videos".