MAU Motocross Challenge: Who are the stars to look out for?


For a group of rich, exposed riders and rider parents, self-expression comes naturally.

Arguably no Ugandan sport boasts the collective self-assurance of motocross.

It goes with the territory given kids start competing as early as four. Talk to an average 10-year-old rider, says Alon Orland, or 13-year-old Milton Akaki and the confidence not to mention reasoning is just outstanding.

Is it any surprise then that a revolution quickly ensued once the motocross fraternity felt aggrieved with life in motorsport governing body FMU? For a group of rich, exposed riders and rider parents, self-expression comes naturally.

So when Akaki was asked by Urban TV to reveal what sort of tricks he’s preparing for Sunday’s inaugural MAU Motocross Challenge, he offered a truly fascinating response.

“I can’t say that because obviously, they (my opponents) are going to watch this interview but if you want to see them come for the race,” Obote answered.

Akaki — grandson of Uganda’s second president Milton Obote — is competing in the 85cc, alongside his brother Akena Obote.

The two are also Miltons.

The bubbly Akaki added, “I’m excited about this race because it is going to come down to who works the hardest and those are the things I like. I really like the track, it is in good condition and I’m ready for the race.”

For 10-year-old Darryl Muhindo who will compete in the 65cc, the goals for Sunday and the rest of the season are not as ambitious but he is still excited about getting on the track.

“It is going to be hard so I have to try my best,” Muhindo said. “My target this year is to finish fifth place and below in my class (65cc) because it is going to be hard.”

Darryl’s 12-year-old elder brother Jonathan will suit up for 85CC category hoping to showcase the lessons learned from his adventures in America last year.