The Last of Us 2 Is About to 'Redefine Triple-A' Games, Says Co-Director

Talking the talk

Game Profile
The Last of Us: Part II
Sony Computer Entertainment
Naughty Dog
Action, Adventure
Release Date:
29th May 2020 (USA)
29th May 2020 (UK/EU)
The Last Of Us
Also Known As:
The Last of Us 2
Where to buy:
Pre Order on Amazon

The Last of Us: Part II finally arrives later this year on 29th May. We're of course very much looking forward to it; Naughty Dog hasn't really put a foot wrong, and has been pushing the envelope in terms of presentation, characters, and storytelling for years now. Ellie's sophomore adventure should be fantastic.

The studio is keeping the game tightly under wraps, having only shown off a handful of trailers, but it seems confident in what it's making. Case in point: the game's co-director, Anthony Newman:

It's clear he posted this with real enthusiasm and excitement for what Naughty Dog is making. We must say, this sort of talk gets us amped up for the game's arrival in a few months. If the developers are excited, we probably should be too.

The anticipated sequel will be one of Sony's playable games at this year's PAX East, so you'll be able to discover for yourself if Newman's tweet is justified. Are you ready for Naughty Dog to "redefine triple-a" with The Last of Us: Part II? Look out for clickers in the comments below.