Royal Mint Celebrates Dinosaurs on New Collectible 50ps


The Royal Mint is putting a massive lizard on its latest collectable 50p, and then on the other side it's stamping on the likeness of several of the nation's key historical dinosaur discoveries, in a coin series it's calling Dinosauria.

There are three of the dinosaur coins on the way, developed with help from the Natural History Museum to make sure the shapes and names are correct and all the latest science thinking on if they had feathers or antennae or not has been included, with the coins featuring the Megalosaurus, the Iguanodon and the Hylaeosaurus, alongside the dates upon which the first three identified dinosaurs were discovered.

They're £10 each if you want an uncirculated example, or there are coloured versions for £20 and silver/gold proofs that have already sold out to be the worthy Christmas 2020 presents for the children of rich numismatists. They're not going into general circulation, though, it's purely a money spinner for the Mint. [Royal Mint]