Give your partner the gift of gaming on Valentine's Day

Learn how to beat your other half in 24 hours


Do you argue with your partner over how much time they spend on their favourite gaming platform? Do you wish your gaming skills were as good as your partner’s, so you could play together and re-claim some all-important couple time?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Liberty Games have created an Intensive Gaming Course, designed to stop you battling with your partner’s other lover… their PlayStation.

The intensive gaming course, which is one day long and led by professional gaming instructors, promises to get you to the same level - or even better than your gaming-obsessed partner.

For £49.99, participants on the course will have the opportunity to choose between 10 video games to become a pro on:

While not all of these games have multiplayer functions, the course is designed to get you as good as your partner so that you can work through games together, taking it in turns.

Stuart Kerr Technical Director at Liberty Games, said: “This Valentine’s Day we wanted to create a product that helps prevent arguments, and enables couples to re-claim some all-important quality time together.”

“One of the most common causes of tension between couples, that we hear about, is where one person in the relationship is a gamer and the other isn’t, and the non-gamer becomes frustrated at being abandoned for their partner’s latest gaming obsession.”

“The aim of this course is to remove the need for these arguments, and spend more time together, playing your favourite games, without the worry of not being as good as your gaming partner.”

For more information visit Liberty Games.