James Haskell slammed for 'vile' joke about Jacqueline Jossa bikini snap


Jacqueline Jossa's fans have jumped to her defence after James Haskell left a 'disgusting' comment on one of her beach photos.

I'm A Celeb winner Jacqueline, 27, shared a photo of her on a beach wearing a leopard print bikini underneath some blue dungarees.

She captioned the photo: "So Dan Osborne took this photo of me and I was certain I was going to look like a full on Instagram model in my cute dungarees on the beach."
Jacqueline Jossa shared the photo on Instagram.

She added: "Fuming! Look at me. But still I look at this with fond memories of playing football on a beach with my hubby, racing and just being so silly. I can't help but smile.

"Fair to say I will never be that girl."

A comment from her I'm A Celeb co-star James Haskell has raised quite a few eyebrows.

In a post, which has since been deleted, Haskell wrote: "You look like you are waiting for the sunshine bus and if anyone touches your football you will go mad."
The comment has been deleted since James Haskell received huge backlash.

A "sunshine bus" is a slang term used which refers to the method of transport used by mentally disabled people or people with special needs.

Needless to say, James' comment didn't go down well with many of Jacqueline's followers.

One replied: "I'm sorry, such an ill-judged comment.

"As a parent of a child with a disability these types of comment are often said to mock a person's disability and are hugely offensive, experience first hand the struggles and pain of a disabled person or be a family member who hears comments relating to a person they love it's heartbreaking.

"So I will happily be on the PC [political correctness] brigade, defending my child and others with disability."

Someone else said: "Let's hope you never have children with special needs!"