Color coding Valentine’s date

“ROSES are red, violets are blue, I’ll never ever stop loving you. Let’s get together and make dreams come true.”

Sweet something and nothings were uttered and whispered by lovers and couples as they celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday wearing red, pink or white. Others also took advantage of this special date to propose.

Red is the common color of Valentine’s Day. They say wearing blue or black on Valentine’s Day means you’re lonely and loveless.

Whatever may be the color, Valentine’s Day is for those who truly believe in it, spending quality time not only with your special someone, but with your loved ones and family as well.

For fun celebration, millennial had put color codes on what people wear on that day. Each color has its meaning; they say it reflects the feeling of a person on his or her date. Read on.

* Red - In Love

* Blue- Romantic Proposals are open

* Pink- Love Proposal accepted

* Black-Valentines Day proposal is declined

* White-In a relationship already

* Yellow-Just Broke up

* Orange- About to propose

* Green-Waiting for proposal  

For decades, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated worldwide. The day was dedicated to St. Valentine, a Roman saint, whose name is synonymous with love.

Valentines Day is celebrated on February 14 every year because its the day of St. Valentine’s commemoration. The day marked its presence in the Roman era, wherein couples used to pay honor to the lord of fertility. The day was also called as the Feast of Lupercalia.