Kickstart your IT career and save 95% on training


Sharp IT skills can make you an asset to practically any team in any business. Everyone uses technology, which means that everyone needs guidance from someone who knows tech like the back of their hand. Right now, you can snap up the Complete IT for Beginners Bundle for a bargain price on Tech Deals and turn tech into your career.

Now, there’s way more to IT than just being tech support for your team. Sure, you’ll probably have to help fix computer issues here and there, but this learning kit packs so much more. In total, this bundle contains over 55 hours of beginner-friendly content to give you a rounded base of IT skills.

Cover everything from AWS to PHP and more.

The best part about a bundle with ten unique modules is that you can explore a little bit of everything. You can learn Coding for Beginners, which guides you through some of the fundamentals of Python. If you’re more into the cloud, you can also explore Amazon Web Services to get your IT future started.

You can start where you like in your own time, and you can always circle back for a refresher course. One of the modules you probably won’t want to miss is preparing for your first Cisco exam — one of the most renowned networking certifications in the world.

IT for Beginners highlights:

The ten modules in the Complete IT for Beginners Bundle have a combined retail value of almost $1,000. You can save over $900 on the entire learning kit and get started for just $39.99. It’s a modest investment in a tech-focused future.

This deal ends in just a few days so don’t wait to start learning. Check out the widget below for more info.

$39 .99
The Complete IT for Beginners Bundle
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The Complete IT for Beginners Bundle Buy it Now
Save $931 .01 $39 .99

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