The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is selling like hot cakes, sold out online in US


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is selling fast and if you were hoping to buy one today, you may be out of luck. The unlocked version of the foldable phone is already sold out on Samsung’s US website. Even Best Buy is showing the Galaxy Z Flip as out of stock.

We at Android Authority also tried our luck at scoring a Galaxy Z Flip in New York when sales opened last night. Unfortunately, after approaching multiple physical stores, we were unable to obtain a single unit of the phone as none of the stores had any stock left.

$1380 .00
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Buy it Now
$1380 .00

Meanwhile, it’s the same story in Samsung’s home market in South Korea. The Korea Herald reports that Galaxy Z Flip units available through local carrier LG U Plus sold out in the first 30 minutes of going on sale.

According to the publication, “In the first week of its release, the first batch of Samsung’s new foldable smartphone here is expected to reach some 20,000 devices — 10 times greater than that of the company’s first foldable phone.”

Back in the US, the only way you can get a Galaxy Z Flip right now is by ordering an AT&T or Sprint variant. You can do so through Samsung’s website but these orders will only ship by February 18. You can also try buying the phone from physical carrier stores, but based on our experience we doubt you’ll have much luck.

Why is the Galaxy Z Flip such a hot number?

A possible reason for the Galaxy Z Flip’s high demand is its improved design and cheaper price tag. Compared to the $2,000 Galaxy Fold, the Z Flip comes at a much lower price of $1,379. It is also more pocketable compared to its bulky predecessor.

As for its availability, it’s possible that Samsung hasn’t released enough units of the phone. However, known tipster Max Weinbach points out that there’s a lot more interest in the foldable phone this time around. The aforementioned Korea Herald story suggests the same.

If you still want to get your hands on the Galaxy Z Flip, you can try buying it later today or in the next couple of days through the widget below. We’re hoping Samsung will replenish stock, but you’ll have to keep checking repeatedly lest stocks run out again.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Samsung's brand new vertical folding smartphone
The Galaxy Z Flip is the first-ever vertically folding smartphone to come from Samsung. It rocks some familiar Samsung design elements we've all come to love but in a new folding form factor. Touting 256GB of onboard storage, 8GB of RAM, a 3,300mAh battery, and 6.7-inch 2,636 x 1,080 folding glass display, it may not have top-tier specs, but it should offer a top-tier experience.