Woman Found With 130 Cats In Her Moscow Apartment & Look, That’s Probably Too Many Cats


A woman in Russia has been caught with a whopping 130 cats in her small inner-city apartment, which is probably *too many* cats for any one person to own.

The unnamed woman took in a pregnant stray cat four years ago after divorcing from her husband. But unfortunately in a matter of four short years, she went from one seemingly harmless cat to 130 felines inhabiting her small Moscow apartment.

Basically, the kittens from the first litter began to inbreed, resulting in even more kittens, and so on and so forth.

The small one-bedroom apartment didn’t last long before it was completely overrun by her feline companions.

Somehow, it wasn’t the noise of 130 cats meowing non-stop that led to her being caught out by authorities.

Nope, it was something much worse. The smell.

If you’ve ever had a cat (or had a housemate with a cat), you’d know that felines can be incredibly smelly creatures, especially if you don’t take care of their litter efficiently.

The smell from her apartment eventually became so putrid that her neighbours were forced to contact authorities to report “catastrophic smells” coming from the one-bedroom Moscow property.

“We found about 130 half-starved, but very affectionate cats. The animals were in terrible condition,” animal carer Irina Medvedeva said, according to East2West News. “Despite the fact that they had a corridor, a kitchen, and a bedroom, there were still too many of them to exist comfortably.”

Thankfully, the carers were able to successfully remove and foster out a number of the cats, but it has proven difficult to relocate all 130.

“We managed to take out and distribute some of them, but about 80 more remain inside.”

Despite the putrid smells coming from the apartment, the cats are healthy, free from disease and ready for adoption. So, if you’re located in Moscow and would like to adopt a cat or eighty, now is your chance.

Image: East2West News