CREDIT: Space150

This AI Travis Scott Is A Pretty Good Rapper And Obsessed With Food


Remember when Grimes said that “live music is going to be obsolete soon” because of AI art? Well, it looks like Travis Scott will be the first casualty of the robot wars, as digital agency Space150 has already created a fake Travis Scott song using artificial intelligence that they’re calling, yes, Travis Bott.

Adweek reports that Travis Bott’s sure-to-be-a-hit debut single, “Jack Park Canny Dope Man,” was generated entirely by a machine learning model trained on Travis Scott’s music. Space150 fed Travis Scott lyrics into a text generator model for two weeks to make the verses, and additional neural network programs were used to produce the beat.

“We were sort of fascinated with like, ‘What if we tried to make a song — like an actual good song — by using AI and basically creative directing AI?’” explains Ned Lampert, executive creative director at Space150. “And so we chose Travis Scott just because he is just such a unique artist and he has a unique sound and everything sort of has an aesthetic to it, both audibly and visually.”

The resulting song does indeed sound a whole lot like a Travis Scott song. The only quirk? Travis Bott was obsessed with food. “The bot kept talking about food,” Lampert says. “There was one line like, ‘I don’t want to fuck your party food,’ and we’re just like, ‘What?!’ … It came up with things that we would never come up with.”

“Jack Park Canny Dope Man,” of course, comes along with a music video starring a computer distorted deepfake of Travis Scott. Watch and listen to it below.