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4 Feng Shui Tips For Setting A Romantic Dinner Table At Home


No matter your relationship status, something about Valentine's Day can make it feel like there's a lot of pressure to go out to dinner to bask in the romance of the day. But what rule says staying home can't be romantic?

It's easy to let our homes become spaces that we don't associate with a special occasion or with romance, but since it's also where we spend a lot of time together with our loved ones, it's important to do what we can to make the space work for us. These four feng shui tips can help you maximize the romance of your home table to make a night spent at home just as romantic, or even more so, than one out on the town:

1. Be intentional with your space.

Just because you're dining at home doesn't give you an excuse to dine in a disaster. "Clutter in the vicinity (especially the daily kind, like mail or your work bag) will compromise the mood and distract your energy," feng shui expert Amanda Gibby Peters told mindbodygreen. While it may seem meaningless, small things can have a big impact on our energy, so we should be mindful about what we allow in each space.

2. Pick your placement carefully.

If you can manipulate your seating to be sure no one has their back to a large window or the door, do so. Sitting with your back to an opening can leave you feeling unsettled, "which completely counteracts the intimacy of a dinner for two at home," points out Peters.

3. Fire is an important element for a romantic setting.

Most people would probably put candles on a table designed for romance, but other than the flickering light, there's a feng-shui-rooted reason for reaching for the matches. "This element favors expression, connection, and being 'on,'" said Peters.

She recommends placing tea lights in rose quartz holders ("a feng shui favorite when it comes to wooing romance," according to Peters). Actual fire isn't the only way to bring this element out, though. Colors like reds and pinks do the same (and tie in well for romance).

4. Swap in peonies for roses.

While red rose may be a quintessential symbol of love and romance, Peters recommends a different variety for your romantic setup. "These flowers are love magic," she told us. "However, their elixir is potent."

Color choice and placement really matters here for what you want. If you're single or in a new relationship, go for softer pink hues and place them in your bedroom (just know they may attract "briefly beautiful dalliances," according to Peters). If you're married, red peonies in the living room are the call—if you put them in the bedroom, they may bring distractions to the relationship.

There's no reason a night in can't be romantic, and if you use these tips (and keep up with them), it may help make each day more romantic going forward, too. If you're looking to rekindle the romance even more, check out these tips to bring back the honeymoon phase feelings.