Remember Neopets? They're back! In TV form!

Time to unlock the hidden value of those Neopoints


If you're not as old as my grey bones, then you probably remember you once owned a Neopet. At least, I'm assuming that you did, I'm not really up on my early "noughties" fads. Anyway, the brand carried on long after you personally got bored of it, and is now set to appear on our screens once again with the announcement of a brand new TV show.

No doubt inspired by the overwhelming success of The Witcher (probably), production company Beach House Pictures has announced its intention to bring the miniature menagerie to the small screen, headlining plans for a major Neopets reboot that will include a new website, merch, and mobile games.

While it would be easy to scoff at this idea - the same way people like to say "Are people still playing Pokemon GO?" when it's bigger than ever - developer JumpStart Games notes that the Neopets website still pulls in 350 million page views a month. Whether these new ventures will translate into a recreation of the early '00s success remains to be seen.

Still in its early development stages, there is currently no release date for the Neopets show.

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