Questions as President Uhuru Kenyatta promises govt support in building Moi's Sh45 billion private hospital at Kabarak

Questions as Uhuru promises govt support in building Moi's Sh45 billion private hospital


Mzee Moi died after building the foundation of the mega hospital

President Uhuru Kenyatta's promise to help the Moi family complete the construction the Kabarak University Teaching , Research, and Referral Hospital has left more questions than answers.

President Kenyatta said the government with Moi's family would complete the Sh45 billion project that Mzee Moi had started in 2017 but died before its realization.

However, President Kenyatta's order was not clear on the nature of support given that the facility is a private business owned by the late President which would raise protest if taxpayer's money was used in the endeavor.

The President said the nature of support would involve putting up a solar-energy plant that would generate and sell electric energy.

"We have talked with my brothers here (Gideon and Raymond Moi). We have agreed to help complete this project because died before completing it. As government we will help them, we will put a solar energy installation and the money generated from the project will go towards completing Mzee's project," Kenyatta said.

The project is expected to become a political hot-potato once the details of the precise nature of government support is made clear.

President Kenyatta made the remarks after concluding his speech and having taken his seat and appeared to have been prompted by one of his handlers to make the special announcement.

The facility, which will have a 500-bed capacity, will offer a major boost to Kabarak University, also owned by the Mois, that will now offer medical courses.