Watch Robert Pattinson Suit Up in The Batman Camera Test


Director Matt Reeves’ noir-inspired The Batman will indeed star Robert Pattinson as the DC masked vigilante. Thursday night, the first glimpse at the film was revealed via a red light-drenched screen test, featuring a close-up of Pattinson in the Batsuit, with a moody, ominous score by Michael Giacchino amping up the tension.

Of particular note: Reeves’ film appears to be pulling a cool detail from the comics, in which Batman incorporates the gun that killed his parents into his suit.

The Batman won’t be out until June 21, 2021, but that just means that there are many more previews and trailers to come.

Check out the camera test featuring Robert Pattinson below and consult our recap of everything we know about The Batman so far right here.