The Best Bargains From Nintendo's Massive eShop Sale

Image: Nintendo

The eShop is having a massive sale today, with hundreds of games discounted massively, including Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Super Mario Maker 2, DOOM, Dark Souls Remastered and indies galore. Here's what you can grab for peanuts.

You can find all the deals through your Switch by navigating to the "Current Offers" section of the eShop, or by searching for the individual title of your choice. Below you'll find a select list of what's up for sale.

It's time for everyone's favourite game: buying stuff from the eShop.

Phew. There's lots, lots more available on the eShop. If you're after some of the less popular titles, particularly the Japanese visual novels, there's an even bigger list of discounts over at Aussie site Vooks.

See anything you want to add to your Switch for the weekend?