Legends of Runeterra: The Frostbite-Freljord deck guide

Frostbite-Frljord decks are one of the hardest to counter

Legends of Runeterra allows players to create a lot of unique and fun decks. By combining two different regions, you will be able to create a lot of different compositions, each boasting a particular play style.

If you love playing with a deck that is quite versatile and can adapt to a variety of different situations, then give this Frostbite-Freljord deck a try.

The synergy between frostbite and challenger is one of the most annoying to deal with, and this deck uses that optimally to force opponents into an early surrender.

The idea behind it

A basic Frostbite deck (screenshot taken from Mobalytics)

The Frostbite deck is pretty easy to play and will not require much game knowledge from your end.

And though it’s a slow, control deck early on, you steadily increase the pace and tempo of the game as your heavy-hitting units finally start to come in. It’s important to have complete control of your board for this deck to succeed, and this is where cards like the Culling Strikes and Legion Drummers get so handy.

Legion Drummer is crucial when it comes to controlling your board

Challenge and Quick attacks are how you take down the opponent units. And then if this fails, you will still have your frostbite spells for back up, and Tryndamere can then come out in the end and finish the opponent off.

This deck does amazingly well against aggro and late-game compositions like the Dawnspiders and Demacian cards. It does well against the Ionia heavy decks as well, especially those which try to abuse the Elusive skill, as they get easily countered by units with challenge and quick attack.


No matter how well this deck does against aggressive, high-tempo comps, it fails against decks, which boast a lot of removal spells. As it doesn't have an Ionian Deny card, it won't be able to block unit damaging spells like Thermogenic Beam, and Mystic shot. So Ezreal and Heimerdinger decks will be able to counter quite effectively.

Published 14 Feb 2020, 16:56 IST