How calligraphy became an integral part of Arab identity — and how it can remain so



The Lebanese indie veterans — led by Sandra Arslanian — are back with a new single. “We thought it was a good moment to release a song about Absolute Love — something the world needs right now,” says Arslanian of the catchy track built on distorted guitar riffs and with lyrics addressing grief.

Leoné Murphy

‘Is This Closure?’

The Dubai-based singer-songwriter released her debut single this month. It’s a gently melancholic song — with subtle, polished production — about the end of a relationship and showcases Murphy’s breath-y vocal skills and knack for melodies.

Stacey Siebritz

‘The Leap’

The Dubai-based freelance writer won the Montegrappa Writing Prize at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. The competition requires authors to submit a synopsis of their novel and the first 2,000 words of the manuscript. Siebritz won for “The Leap,” the story of a ‘wellness’ treatment that transports the recipient into a different world for 48 hours.

Dave Kirreh

‘Ah Ya Weli’

The Palestinian rapper — born in Jerusalem — has dropped his debut major-label single, which he described in a statement as exploring “how society can add pressure to two lovers” and “issues that unfortunately tear people apart regardless of their love for each other.”