A scene from the ‘Bye Bye Virus’ music video. Image: Ministry of Education/YouTube

Singapore drops cringe-infected rap track for citizens to dance the virus away


Singapore today unleashed its strongest weapon in the current public health crisis – a rap jingle about washing hands. 

The Ministry of Education today produced Bye Bye Virus so we can all learn to dance and sing the virus away. Or at least be distracted from worrying about it for one minute. 

The music video’s cringe begins with afterthought rhymes and lackluster beats before going on to introduce five virus superheroes dubbed The Soaper 5: Super Soaper Soffy, Hands Down Hanna, Mask Up Mei Mei, Virus Screener Varun and Wipe Up Wilson. 

“Wash your hands to the beat/Let’s keep the virus off the streets/Don’t touch your face with your bare hands/Cos you don’t know where the germs will land,” is just the start of the one-minute jam. 

It’s easy to mock, but if we’re sharing it, so mission accomplished? 

Singapore has reported 58 coronavirus infections, of which seven are in critical condition, the Ministry of Health said yesterday. Fifteen people have recovered and been discharged from hospitals.

Singapore’s budget for public service rap tracks seems to have been drastically reduced since SAR-vivor, featuring actor Gurmit Singh as television character Phua Chu Kang, came out during the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome crisis of 2002 and 2003.

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