Friday Debate – Who’s your video game Valentine?

Plumbers are red

Hedgehogs are blue

Push start to join

And be my player two

While I didn’t have a Jill Valentine on my mind this morning, I certainly do have the proper Valentine’s Day crowding up my brain space right now! February 14 may be a giant conspiracy by greeting card companies to hock merchandise featuring flying murder-babies firing arrows at lonely people, but there’s something nice about the whole idea behind a day earmarked for romance.

Tis a day to love, be loved or perhaps even fall in love. And while there are many people out there that are indeed worthy of that affection, do you ever find yourself wishing that you could pass a box of cheap Checkers chocolates to a character who dwells within a digital space? After all, we’ve spent so many hours playing certain games that we might as well announce on Facebook that we’re in a relationship with them.

Maybe you’ve spent days exploring Raccoon City with Claire Redfield, hovered around the Tower of Destiny 2 wishing that Zavala would indeed your heart or maybe you found the one in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, depending on your preference that is. There’s no shortage of icons in video games who have somehow transcended beyond being a mere character and have in your eyes become an actual person through their actions and your input.

So here’s the question: If you could propose to any one person or entire video game, spend the rest of your life with them and watch the sun set every night while holding their incorporeal hand, who would it be? Sound off below, while I go pour a little bit of the bubbly (Oooh!) and put on some Barry White for an unforgettable evening.