Atwoli: My Curse on Echesa Comes to Pass [VIDEO]


COTU Sec-Gen Francis Atwoli on Friday, February 14, announced that he cursed the former Sports CS Rashid Echesa in 2019.

Speaking to the press, Atwoli declared that on January 5, 2019, he cursed the former CS.

"I cursed the boy, I said that I will see the boy going down. I told him I was his father, his elder, even if I was naked, he needed to cover me. Even if his father was naked, he needed to cover him. 

"You don't talk about your father or let him go naked, I told him I would watch him going down and he would never see me going down," Atwoli stated.
(From left) Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka, Deputy President William Ruto and former CS Rashid Echesa during a past Western region meeting

"You go down and after going down, you go to the grave and I follow, you will never see me going down because you are not honest and sincere to yourself and to Kenyans. You are a liar," he continued.

In addition, Atwoli wondered how fraudulent documents were being signed in Deputy President William Ruto's office.

"If a former minister can enter into a second in command office with a rubber stamp and sign documents, you can see the level of corruption in this country.

"Next, you will hear them say that they are the ones that called the police to arrest him. When some people assume leadership, they will put the whole central bank on their backs," he stated.

Atwoli urged leaders to shun corruption, stating that it would cripple the economy of the country.

" The culture of corruption is already in the public domain. You know people were surprised that someone who did not go to school could get into the cabinet.

"Somebody who does not know the colour of the shirt he is wearing, whether it is blue or red, he cannot tell. He cannot be able to differentiate and yet he becomes a CS, you can now see," he concluded.

Echesa was arrested on Thursday, February 13 and is facing charges over Ksh.39 billion fake government firearms tender deal.

A report aired by NTV on Thursday, February 13, stated that Echesa is alleged to have conned a Poland-based American firm Ksh 11.5 million as an initial consultancy fee. Ksh40 billion was to be issued later for the tender and an additional Ksh50 million was to be an add on.

Daily Nation on Friday, February 14, added that Echesa met agents from Eco Advanced Technologies LLC, the American military suppliers in DP Ruto's office and several restaurants in Nairobi to seal the deal.

Below is the video courtesy of Daily Nation;