Want the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip? Here are the Best UK Network Deals


Today is the day that Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip goes on sale, which is kind of a surprise considering it was only announced on Tuesday night. Still, the fact that you can order it right now, and not have to wait weeks or months like you would with a pre-order, gives it an obvious advantage to the S20 range.

Plus it's a flippy phone that uses a foldable display - and a display made of glass at that. That's a first for foldables, and not even the Moto Razr can claim to have done that first.

So let's take a look at which networks are stocking the phone, and how much it will cost.

EE obviously has the Galaxy Z Flip in stock, because it's had every single foldable phone that's been confirmed for a UK release so far. You think it was going to miss out now? Not a chance. And with the phone going on sale today, the network has announced all its deals.

The cheapest plan available on EE is a 10GB plan that costs £84 a month with £50 upfront, meaning over the course of the 24 month contract you're going to have to part with £2,016. That's a lot! But it's still £340 less than it would cost to buy yourself the Moto Razr.

Of course paying a little bit more gets you a lot more data, and £89 a month (with the same £50 fee) gets you 60GB of data - and means a total of £2,186.

The most expensive one is £104 a month, which comes with unlimited data, two swappable benefits, and a £30 upfront fee. That means a total cost of £2,526. Naturally this deal is also available without the swappable benefits for £99 a month and £30 upfront, meaning you end up paying £2,406. So are the subscriptions worth it? Three for a fiver doesn't sound too bad, to be honest.

Everything else is somewhere in the middle of those price ranges, and what you pay will all depend on what you want. Whatever happens, though, you're going to end up having to pay a lot of money for a flippable phone - even if it's not nearly as much as any of the ones we've seen so far.

O2 is the other network offering the Z Flip, and in the usual style you can customise the plan and choose what you get, how much you pay upfront, and how long you're forced to have the phone for. In other words making it as convenient as possible for you.

That said the device cost will be exactly the same, and you're going to have to pay at least £39.95 a month (over 36 months) to get one of these for yourself. That's a total of £1,438.20 for those not keeping count. Plus then there's the obvious cost of your plan and allowances on top.

The cheapest pre-set plan available is a 36 month contract that wants £56.95 a month and £40 upfront - for a total of £2,090.20 over the course of the three years. That's not a very good deal, though, and paying £2 more a month (for an overall total of £2,162.20) gets you 5GB of data to play with instead.

But then again £2 a month more from that is 20GB, so you're just going to have to decide what you can afford and how much data you need. Both the 5GB and 20GB plans come with three months of Amazon Prime Video or Audible, though, which sweetens the deal

Top of the line is the unlimited data plan, which costs £70.95 a month and wants £40 upfront - for a total of £2,594.20. That also comes with six months of Amazon Prime Video or Audible.

Naturally that's not the only way to do things at O2, but that's an idea of how much you're going to be paying over the course of a full contract. Some of it is cheaper than EE, some plans are more expensive, so whatever happens you're going to have to compare the two and decide what's best for you.

What About the Rest?

From the looks of things none of the other networks have the Z Flip in stock, which means you're going to have to get them from one of the aforementioned networks. Of course if you want the phone and don't want to change networks, you can always buy it directly from Samsung for the normal £1,300 price.

The Z Flip does have a SIM card slot, so you can still use your existing SIM card and allowances, and you can opt for a finance deal that lets you pay it off in monthly installments instead of dropping that much money in one go.

Those price start at £54.17 a month, which takes 24 months to pay off, and since there's no interest applied you're not paying through the nose! That's a win/win in my book.