Celebrating Valentine’s Day the Filipino way

To say that Filipinos love to celebrate any kind of holiday is an understatement. Either, it’s something that’s as grand as the Christmas season and New Year’s Day, or something that’s of local importance like the Independence Day, name it and Filipinos most likely have their own ways of commemorating it.


Valentine’s Day is no different. As early as the first week of February, streets, shops, and different local establishments start to be filled with heart decorations and flowers. In fact, according to a survey conducted by an e-commerce company in Poland, 79% of Filipinos celebrate Valentine’s Day, where they buy gifts for their significant other, family, colleagues, and friends. And since Filipinos tend to be creative in expressing their affection, they never run out of ideas on how to celebrate all kinds of love on Valentine’s Day.

Perhaps one of the strongest proofs of this is how a common street in Manila transforms into what can be considered as the busiest part of the country during February. People from all walks of life flock in Dangwa to buy different kinds of flowers which are believed to have different meanings connected to them.

With Filipinos known for their value for strong family ties, Valentine’s Day is also a special day to share an unforgettable bond with the family, may it be in a fancy restaurant or over a home-cooked meal.


Filipinos don’t also sell themselves short when it comes to sweet nothings the digital way. This can be seen on the unconventional ways they show their love on photos and videos they share on social media.

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