Secret Codes To Find Your Perfect Valentine's Day Film On Netflix


Whether you plan on binge-watching romance movies on Netflix, alone or with a valentine's date this weekend, you might not want to spend half of the time scrolling to check for the perfect watch. If that is the case then, we have hidden Netflix codes for you that can help you find the perfect sub-genre that you want to watch from.

If you hit the romance genre in Netflix, it is not easy to find the sub-genre specials like 'Romantic Favourites', 'Valentine's Day Favourites' and 'Feel-good Romantic Films', but here are the secret codes that can help you access the special lists, through the search bar.

Valentine's Day Films - 50117

Romantic Favourites - 502675

Valentine's Day Favourites - 1952249

Romantic - 100052

Romantic Films - 8883

Feel-good Romantic Films - 35714

Romantic Teen Comedies - 3186

Romantic Teen Comedies - 3186

Romantic Comedies - 5475

Steamy Romantic Films - 35800

Feel-good Romantic Comedies - 35797

Comedies for Hopeless Romantics - 81506

Romantic Teen Films - 1764

Romantic Dramas - 1255

Some of the recent Netflix romance original releases include the To All The Boys I Loved Before series, Kissing Booth, The Perfect Date, Someone Great, Always Be My Maybe and more.

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