'Shopping Cart 1 - 0 Shoplifter'

A quick-thinking shopper came to the assistance of police chasing a suspected shoplifter in the US state of Georgia, with a perfectly timed push of a trolley.

Surveillance footage released by the Peachtree City Police Department shows the man waiting for just the right moment to release his trolley, to take out the man who was fleeing police.

The suspect, who was taken into custody by police, was later identified as 41-year-old Marcus Smith of Forsyth, Georgia. He is now facing charges of felony shoplifting and obstruction of an officer.

"Shopping Cart – 1, Shoplifter – 0," the police department concluded in when sharing the video.

However, they followed up with a warning, saying: "Again, while we are eternally grateful for this citizen's quick thinking and impeccable timing, we never encourage anybody to intervene in a police situation.

"If the decision is made to do so, please consider the safety of yourself and all those around you as a priority".