stream mmeadows’ (Cuddle Magic, Dirty Projectors) new song “King of the Castle”


mmeadows is the new-ish NYC duo of Kristin Slipp and Cole Kamen-Green, who have played together for years in Cuddle Magic, and who both have impressive resumes of their own too. Kristin is currently a keyboardist/backing vocalist in Dirty Projectors, and Cole played trumpet and did horn arrangements for Beyonce‘s 4 and self-titled album. They’ve been dropping singles lately, and today we’re premiering their latest one, “King of the Castle.” It’s a catchy, unpredictable dose of art pop, and the band says it’s “an anthem of autonomy, written for anyone who has found themselves pushed into a corner. When you feel wronged, sing this song – it’s a salve for suppression.” Listen below.

mmeadows play a hometown show on February 27 at The Sultan Room in Brooklyn with Toebow, Office Culture, and Loosie (tickets).