Passenger caught manspreading at the airport divides opinion after he takes up THREE seats


A MANSPREADING passenger has divided opinion after he was spotted spreading his legs and taking up three seats at the airport.

The man in question was spotted at Toronto Pearson Airport before a flight.

A manspreading passenger has divided social media as to whether he is in the wrongCredit: Instagram @travelcreeps

In the image, the traveller was oblivious to other passengers as he checked his phone, with his legs spread out on either side of him.

While he sat in one seat, it meant no-one could sit in the other two seats on either side of him.

While there are other places free to sit in the background, his actions have been slammed by some social media users.

The picture, shared on Instagram by user Travel Creeps, was captioned: "Either this man really wants to sit alone or he has the worst case of invisible elephantitis the world has ever seen."

People couldn't decide if he was in the wrong

One person said: "This pic is causing me unreasonable amounts of rage!"

A woman in the background who was looking at him unhappily also prompted hilarious responses.

One user pointed out: "Betty next to him isn’t impressed."

The Travel Creeps account replied: "No she is not and she smiled once she realised I was taking a picture."

Someone else added: "The look on that women's face. She is so judging the man spreading."

Another user remarked "that woman’s side eye" with laughing emojis.

However some people didn't see the issue with what he was doing.

MANSPREADING What is manspreading, why do men do it and is there a science behind it?

An Instagram user pointed out: "This man is asserting dominance."

Others praised his comfortable sitting position, saying: "What a stance."

It is hardly the first time a passenger has been called out for manspreading, after a woman shared a man forcing his legs against hers during a Qantas flight.

While some were outraged, others backed him up saying if he was tall he had "no other choice".

Women have also been accused of their own form of manspreading called 'bagspreading' - when they take up space with their handbags or shopping bags.

A student designed a chair to stop manspreading after experiencing it for herself in public.

The phrase manspreading was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2015.

Madrid even cut down on manspreading passengers with a campaign in 2017.