MCMC Warns Android TV Box Suppliers To Not Misuse Certifications


The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has released a statement on Twitter regarding Android TV boxes. Uploaded on 14 February, the Commission warns suppliers and sellers of the device to not misuse SIRIM and MCMC certified labels.

According to the statement, the labels issued on certain Android TV boxes are only meant to certify the WiFi and Bluetooth modules which complies with the standards imposed by SIRIM and MCMC. The commission, however, does not condone the act of promoting these devices as means of illegally streaming or downloading media content.

If suppliers and sellers are discovered to misuse the certifications, MCMC will take actions such as revoking the labels from their products, as well as issuing a recall of all Android TV boxes by these individuals. From October 2018 to January 2020, the Commission has issued compound notices totaling RM67,000 on four offences related to this misconduct, which resulted in fines totaling RM194,500 as well.

MCMC’s statement also warned consumers that streaming and downloading copyrighted material through an illegal application on Android TV boxes is a punishable offense.

(Source: MCMC official Twitter account.)