‘American Idol’ Releases Emotional Audition Tape Ahead Of Sunday’s Season 18 Premiere


One thing we can always expect from “American Idol” is an emotional audition and this season, that comes courtesy of 20-year-old Samantha.

On Thursday, Samantha’s audition was released on YouTube with the caption “I bet you can’t get through this audition without crying…” ahead of “American Idol”‘s season 18 premiere this Sunday. In the video, we learn that Samantha and her sister were adopted by their grandmother and also that she earns a living as a subway singer in Harlem, New York.

During the audition, Samantha sings Lauren Daigle’s “You Say”, however she isn’t able to hold her tears back.

“We can tell that you’re going to be amazing,” Luke Bryan says, as all three judges stand up to hug their contestant.

After making it through the song, judge Lionel Richie asks, “In your whole life, have you ever felt safe?”

“I’m not used to people caring without needing or just pretending to care,” Samantha responds.

This prompts Richie to tell Samantha that he only wants her to feel safe because she now has an Uncle Luke, Auntie Katy, and Papa Richie on her side.

“We got you,” he says.

You can watch the full audition up top.

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