Stolen scooter returned

Photo: Yvonne Carnell

Yvonne Carnell's faith in humanity has been restored as her scooter has been returned about a month after it was stolen.

She had her yellow and black ride stolen from her secured apartment compound on 27th Avenue in mid-January, and she has been putting up flyers and spreading the word about her scooter ever since. She was holding out hope that it would be returned back to her.

"A man called me saying he noticed a neighbour or someone he knew had a scooter that matched the description of mine, and that he was going to make the guy give it back," says Carnell. "The man stayed true to his word, and he was able to get it back to me."

The scooter is Carnell's only mode of transportation – she mostly walks during the winter and uses the scooter in the summer.

"Once I put it back on the road, it'll feel like I have my freedom back," she says. "I'm so grateful that i have it back."

Carnell said the bike has no damage to it at all, only the license plates were removed. She said her insurance papers are even still in the storage compartment. Carnell said the scooter had been bought and sold many times to a number of different owners over the period it was gone.