LIFE HACK: You Can Chuck Yr Goon In The Soda Stream To Make Cheapo Sparkling Wine


In news that is bound to improve your Friday night tenfold, a Reddit user has discovered that you can make instant, cheap sparkling wine by putting your Fruity Lexia (goon) in a Soda Stream.

Here at P.TV, we love a good life hack, especially when it involves alcohol. I mean, Vodka Cruiser cupcakes? Yes please. Turning Fruity Lexia into an incredibly cheap faux-champagne? I’m listening.

The hack was made famous by a Reddit user by the name of Mashed Shroom, who revealed his simple yet effective method of making affordable sparkling wine by using our glorious friend “goon.”

“Any of you legends ever put the goon in the soda stream?” He wrote in the r/straya subreddit.

“Fuckin turned out alright hey. Def recommended. I purged the cunt with water afterwards to keep it clean n not sticky, Fuck I’m drinking frutilexia, the ants would be onto this cunt in no time.”
Any of you legends ever put the good in the soda stream? from r/straya

It’s not as simple as your usual Soda Stream endeavour, but the time it takes to master this craft will be well worth it when you’re sipping on a sparkling glass of Fruity Lexia.

“You gotta be a bit cagey with the CO2 pumps to prevent explosion,” Mashed Shroom wrote. “The number one problem with the legendary goon-sack is it cannot handle the pressure of a carbonated beverage.”

As a child, I really liked to fuck around in the kitchen (the Soda Stream was my weapon of choice), so let me be the first to warn you that you can create a real mess if you’re not careful with these devices. Slow and steady wins the race here. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Honestly, you could try this with your favourite non-goon wine too, but why waste the expensive stuff when you can spice up your Fruity Lexia for a much more enticing price?

Image: Reddit / Mashed Shrooms