5G iPhone and iPad Pro arriving in the fall -


Apple will launch its first 5G products in the second half of 2020. Not only iPhone, but also the new generation iPad Pro will mount modems capable of connecting to the 5G. The source that supports this news is DigiTimes in two separate reports. But it is not the first time that it has been talked about, not even with regards to tablets. However, more confirmation is good, especially for the iPad, which inevitably generates less media attention than the iPhone.

5G iPhone/iPad Pro Models With A14 Series Chip to Launch in Fall 2020

The source believes that especially iPhones may have some hitches and availability problems. This is at least in the early stages, due to the coronavirus epidemic. However, the situation should not be so serious as to force Apple to postpone the presentation event (it is true that WHO said it is still too early to make reliable predictions ). What is certain is that Apple has suspended the flights of its employees in China. So let’s say that the development of the smartphone is at least slowed down. The most plausible scenario is that the availability of some models will be fixed more towards winter, as on the other hand has already happened in the past.

The suppliers contacted by the Taiwanese newspaper also note that the demand for the A14 chip (the successor to the A13 Bionic found on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max) has increased by 50% compared to the same period of the previous year. This could be due to the larger number of models of the iPhone that we will see this year. According to the latest rumors, there will be four models: two “normal” and two “Pro”, further divided into variants of standard and “Max” sizes. It is possible that even the cheap iPhone of 2021, will be based on the A14. This year, Apple will want to debut its new generation SoCs on top models. Of course, the new iPad Pro will also be part of the A14 family.