McDonald's fans bulk buy Big Mac sauce but encounter expiry date issues

Fans have been left in a frenzy over the new sauce - but it needs eating up quick

McDonald's is selling limited edition pots of Big Mac sauce

McDonald's fans have been left in an absolute frenzy after pots of Big Mac sauce finally went on sale in the fast food restaurants yesterday (February 13).

Each pot costs 50p and can be bought in McDonald's stores and on UberEats. However, pots are limited edition so people have already been stockpiling them.

MEN reports McDonald's posted the exciting news via their Twitter account, writing: "FINALLY. Big Mac Special Sauce pots are here! #MacItBetter."

However, for those who have been stocking up quickly, they have been terrified to notice the pots come with a dreaded expiry date. This means the hoarders only have a matter of a few weeks to eat the pots up.

"I got 8 but then realised it states it has to be used on day of purchase - oops lol," said McDonald's customer and Twitter user @murpo.

Someone else revealed how they'd spent a tenner on a bag of sauce, only to discover their shelf-life.

Another baffled customer asked: "Says eat on day of purchase but has best before date of April?"

McDonald's confirmed: "The 50ml pots have a seven-day shelf life."

However, those who aren't worried about expiry dates have been heaping praise on the sauce.

One Twitter user wrote: "Making this sauce available as a dip is the best thing you've ever done!!!! This is the condiment I've always wanted and needed in my life!! We Stan big mac sauce #mcdonalds."

Another simply said: "Lovin' it."