Thora Bailey leans in to give Bossie Boshoff a kiss on the cheek to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Love is in the air in Amanzimtoti

The pair met and fell in love in the Milnerton Road house.


With February being the month of love and Valentine’s Day celebrated this week, an elderly Amanzimtoti couple are living proof that there is no age limit when it comes to love.

Bossie Boshoff, 82, thought his days of falling in love were well passed him. He had only ever had one girlfriend – his wife of 52 years, Hester, whom he met when he was 13-years-old and she 12. They were happily married from when Bossie was 19 until her death 12 years ago. “I never had a girlfriend after Hester and I never wanted a girlfriend,” he said.

That is until spunky 78-year-old Thora Bailey moved into The Elder’s Voice house in Winklespruit last year where Bossie was living and Cupid loosened his bow. Thora, who spent most of your life in Zimbabwe, was married and lived in Howick after the death of her husband. “I heard about Joanne Herbst and the good work she was doing to help the elderly in Toti by opening up The Elder’s Voice homes and that’s why I moved to Winklespruit.”

Bossie was born in Davel in the Ermelo district and lived in Illovo Beach for 30 years, so was familiar with the area. “I was living with my daughter in Sasol and one evening we were watching a lifesaving programme and I said to my daughter I want to move back there, as Toiti has always been close to my heart.”

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Fate raised its hand when the pair met and fell in love in the Milnerton Road house and since then they have moved into their own flatlet in Syringa Place.

With a twinkle in his eye that is a dead giveaway of his sense of humour, Bossie reckons it wasn’t love at first sight, but the shake of his head was not convincing. With him suffering from lung cancer, Thora reckons it was God’s hand that sent her to Winklespruit. “God knew I had a lot of sympathy and He knew Bossie would get sick, so He sent me to look after him. I love looking after people. The best part of having a relationship in our late years is the company and that I am able to help him.”

Asked what she thinks is Bossie’s best trait, she replied: “He is very straight. A lot of people aren’t, but with him I always know where I stand.” And what does Bossie rate is her best trait: “She is very helpful and loving. I never wanted a girlfriend until I met Thora.”

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