Ace Hood Floats On Smooth New Single "Big Fish"

Ace Hood enjoys the life aquatic on smooth new single "Big Fish."

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Big Fish
Ace Hood

Editor Rating: VERY HOTTTTT
User Rating: meh - 50% (4)

Ace Hood, Florida lyricist and bonafide HNHH fan-favorite, has returned to the fold once again with "Big Fish." With the ongoing tug-of-war between lyricism and vibe finding neither party giving ground, Ace Hood has opted for a solution; tread water in the middle. At least, that seems to be the modus operandi on this latest, a laid-back and sun-soaked reflection on calm waters in musical form.

The intensity of "New Bugatti" is a distant memory. He's a changed man and no longer harbors such ambitions. He'd much rather drift without a care in the world -- but that's not to say he's entirely coasting. His melodies still land with precision, his flow intensifying in complexity exactly when it needs to. In order to remain the "Big Fish" in any given pond, one must never suffer from overexertion and always make it look easy. Longtime listeners will find much to enjoy from Ace Hood's latest tune, if only for the happy ending it seems to represent.

Quotable Lyrics

Ain't been on radio in years how the fuck a n*** still rich
Keep it low and get the money, mind your business and your life shift
You claiming that it's your year till I appear
Stackin I gotta feed the babies and feed the people