Two daters on First Dates Ireland have heartfelt exchange

RTE's First Dates Ireland viewers have mixed reaction over dater's use of word 'mammy'

She shut down an offer to go for a drink because her mammy was picking her up


One hopeful on First Dates Ireland refused to go for a drink with her date - as "mammy" was collecting her.

At the end of their meal, Dearbhla, 32, from Co Meath, insisted the pair go halves and split the bill.

She said: "Honestly, let's go halves. Please. Please. Honestly. Like, it's so nice to offer. Honestly."

But Bobby, 39, from Co Kerry, insisted he would pay, and said that she could buy him a drink later.

However, she shut down the offer, by saying: "I'm going home. Mammy's collecting me later."
This First Dates Ireland hopeful's useof the word mammy got people talking on social media

He replied: "When are you being collected?"

She said: "I've to let mammy know."

He said: "Oh, is she waiting? Are you serious?"

She said: "Yeah. She is so good. She is so good."

He recommended: "You could get a bus?"

And she replied: "That wouldn't be very fair on mammy."

He said: "It would have been great for mammy because she could've gone home."

He ended the conversation: "You're a gas woman."

The singleton seemed to take the rejection well, but viewers at home had a lot to say about his date - and her mammy.

Viewers flocked to social media, with some suggesting that he dodged a bullet.

One Twitter user said: "A grown woman who gets picked up from her date and still uses the word mammy? Abandon ship."

Another added: "Mammy is waiting #RunForTheHills."

A third said: "Her mammy is collecting her? That's a turn off for me. Get a taxi and don't rely on your mam."

Others were wondering if she'll be bring her mammy on her next date.

One Facebook user commented: "Wonder did her Mammy go on the next date with her. I was cringing for her."

A second said: "Why didn't she just bring 'Mammy' on the date as well..."

A Twitter user said: "She might bring Mammy next time."

Another tweet said: "Go on a date with 'mammy' next time ffs!!!"

And some viewers at home thought her mum was being used as an excuse and no one was waiting outside for her.

One Tweeter said: "Mammy's on her way... or in other words I'm going on the lash with the girls!"

Another said: "Ah Mammy me arse!"

A third said: "There is no mammy..."

To the surprise of many, they both agreed to a second date. But she sent him on a taxi and waited outside the Gibson Hotel in Dublin, insisting: "Mammy is on her way."