The Sony Xperia 2 might have the Samsung Galaxy S20's cameras and 8K recording


The Sony Xperia 2 might have the Samsung Galaxy S20's cameras and 8K recording

But we don't know a launch date

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus with its four rear cameras (Image credit: Future)

The camera specs for the Sony Xperia 2 (or Xperia 1.1, as some think it might be called) have been a bit of a mystery so far, but a new leak suggests they'll be very familiar, as they could be the same as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus.

This comes from Weibo leaker Zackbuks, who has been posting pretty prolifically about the new Sony phone for a few days now. It's not clear how the poster got the information, but they seem well respected as a Weibo leaker and notably correctly predicted the Sony Xperia 5.

Zackbuks' main prediction is that "the new Xperia's camera system is the same as the Galaxy S20 +". The Samsung phone has 12MP main, 64MP telephoto with 3x optical zoom, and 12MP ultra-wide cameras, which are joined by a depth sensor. It's worth pointing out that the leaker suggests the Sony phone's ultra-wide camera could be different, though.

AndroidNext, which reported on this information, suggests these sensors will be from Samsung, not Sony, but we can't find any intel to back this up. Sony is probably the most prolific smartphone camera sensor manufacturer, but Samsung itself made most the Galaxy S20 tech. If Sony were to use Samsung's tech instead of its own, it would indicate the company really is trying to imitate the Galaxy S20 series.

That's not all that Sony could be copying from Samsung either, as Zackbuks says "will Sony do an 8K HDR recording?". The ability to record videos in 8K resolution is a big selling point of the Galaxy S20 series, although the Xiaomi Mi 10 has the feature too and it will actually be released before the Samsung phones (at least in China).

Finally, Zackbuks states the Sony Xperia 2 (or Xperia 1.1), will launch on February 24 via an online event. We knew Sony was hosting an online launch for something after it cancelled its February 24 press conference at MWC 2020, so this makes sense.

We're expecting the new Sony flagship at the event, either the Xperia 2 or Xperia 1.1, and we may also see a Sony Xperia 5 Plus according to some sources (yes, Sony really has no consistency with its Xperia naming system). TechRadar will be reporting on that event when it happens, so stay tuned for all the news, reviews and analysis.

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