Xiaomi Mi 10: 7 accessories Xiaomi launched with the phone | BGR India



Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging

Xiaomi announced a new wireless Bluetooth speaker with the Mi 10 that also supports wireless charging. The speaker allows users to charge their phones without wires even when they use it to play music. The speaker can charge your phone at 30W and uses Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC to pair. It is priced at $36 (about Rs 2,570).



30W vertical wireless charging dock

Xiaomi also launched a vertical wireless charging solution. This dock allows users to charge their phones wirelessly at 30W. Further, it has a built-in fan that is claimed to be super quiet and an air duct that allows heat to dissipate faster. This will also help maintain wireless charging speeds when load is at maximum. The charger will be priced at $29 (about Rs 2070).