Ways to make superyacht holidays more family-friendly

Just as with any other kind of holiday, a superyacht holiday represents a way to travel from one destination to the next with your family, be it wife, children, or relatives.

Many owners – and even admirers – of superyachts consider these beautiful vessels as the pinnacle of luxury, privacy and aesthetic influence. Yachts and superyachts make opulent holidays in exotic locations and exciting parties a simple prospect – but how easily can a family be integrated into such a lifestyle? Is it out of the question, or have certain exclusivity-obsessed people transformed the notion of chartering a superyacht into something it’s not? In this blog we take a look at the ways in which yachts and superyachts represent an excellent opportunity to have an amazing family holiday. We also give a few tips to ensure your next yachting family holiday goes a little bit smoother!

Holidaying with your family (on a superyacht)
Just as with any other kind of holiday, a superyacht holiday represents a way to travel from one destination to the next with your family, be it wife, children, or relatives. Except, of course, that you’re doing it aboard a luxury vessel, replete with creature comforts. It’s made even easier through online chartering platforms like Ahoy Club that allow you to find the ideal yacht or superyacht for your specific family and getaway needs to make your trip even the more accessible! Although the vessel itself is obviously going to play a factor in your decision, it is the needs of a family that are the most important at the end of the day, as getting a family together – particularly one that regularly fails to find time to reunite – is tough enough in itself. It’s also a very healthy experience for a family to be removed from the hustle and bustle of city life to relax on the open oceans for a while. Although mum and dad will surely relish the break, having kids enjoy this peace and calm is a great way to help them to adjust to alternate environments.

Things to keep in mind when travelling with your family
A superyacht evidently has some key differences to your run of the mill hotel, and keeping these differences in mind is key to having a fuss-free holiday. The very fact that you’re on a vessel in the middle of the ocean might cause issues for some, as it will mean that everyone will have to do things as a unit. Chartering a superyacht means that family members can’t wander off to do their own things, so they should be made aware of this before you set out. Instead, demonstrate the excitement of moving from one exotic location to the next and have them plan things to do when you arrive there. Even though you’ll be going to one specific destination as a group, depending on the size of your yacht, everyone should have enough space to exercise some independence in any case. Even then, you don’t have to wait to get to port – being on a superyacht with your family will mean you get to engage in experiential activities with them, such as diving and jet skiing, on the open waters.

A multi-faceted holiday with your family
Chartering truly is one of the best holidays you can have with your family – it offers a brilliant combination of intimate family time aboard the yacht, as well as the opportunity to experience beautiful destinations and fun activities. As long as everyone is on the same page with how the holiday is structured, you’re sure to have an incredible time and form long-lasting memories with your family.