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Traffic jams on A4 highway to persist until 2030


Commuters having to deal with traffic on the A4 highway, will have to do so more often and for longer in the coming decade. The widening of the highway that connects Amsterdam and The Hague will only start in 2026, and will not be completed until 2030, the Telegraaf reports. .

"That means another ten years of driving bumper to bumper and no prospect of improvement. In fact, it will only get worse," Frits van Bruggen, director of travelers' association ANWB, said to the newspaper.

In the first five weeks of 2020, the ANWB marked an 18 percent increase in traffic jams on the A4. The jams are expected to increase by 23 percent by 2023.

"As far as we are concerned, the problem must be tackled much faster. There is great urgency," Ernst Moeksis of transport and logistics association TLN said. "The misery on the A4 costs our sector on this piece of asphalt alone 26 million euros per year."