It’s Jackie Chan vs Arnold Schwarzenegger in this trailer for The Iron Mask


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan might be two of the most well-known and beloved action stars of the past 30 years, but they’ve also had their fair share of terrible films along the way. Despite that, nothing could probably prepare you for the incredible ham-fistedness that is the trailer for their new movie, The Iron Mask.

The Iron mask is an ambitious new fantasy adventure that features Chan as some sort of prisoner and Schwarzenegger as a prison guard with a penchant for hats and – well, that is about all I can make out really. Amongst dragons, bizarre characters, terrible acting and some poorly rendered CGI, I’m not sure exactly what is going on:

That looks absolutely terrible. But I’d probably still end up watching it just to see how bad it really is and for the cheesy one-liners that Chan and Schwarzenegger both come up with – which looks like plenty if this trailer is anything to go by. I’m doubtful they’re even the main actors in this movie, but the trailer focusing on them is probably a good thing because if there is any hope The Iron Mask has at getting watched, it’s probably because of those two. Let’s hope Chan and Schwarzenegger don’t go down the same road as Bruce Willis and John Travolta and keep acting in farces like this.

The film was released in China last year where it was a massive flop and is now headed to the rest of the world on April 10 where it is unlikely to fair much better, but it could at least make for an entertaining punchline to many bad acting jokes. At least we know who will probably be taking home all the Razzie awards next year.