‘Please Don’t Let Any Man Break Your Virginity This Valentine With Coke & Shawarmer’- Father Pleads With Daughter


A caring and concerned father has literally begged his daughter not lose her virginity today, February 14 which happens to  be Valentine’s Day.

The man warned his daughter not give in to any sexual demands of any man who will offer her Coca Cola or Shawarmer, the two baits most use in Nigeria to lure girls into bed.

The man reminded his daughter that his virginity is important to Jesus Christ and it would be totally uncalled for if she loses it cheaply.

He made the appeal through an SMS he sent to his daughter.

Valentine’s Day is a day set aside to celebrate romantic love, making it a popular day for couples to spend together.

Valentine’s Day is traditionally associated with red hearts, romance, flowers, candy or other sweet things, and the exchange of cards, called valentines, that express love.

However it has been abused in recent times, as promiscuity and indecency have shrouded it.

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