Netflix Release First Look Images & Release Date For After Life Season 2


After Life season 2

Netflix have just announced that season two of After Life drops April 24th - we're counting down the days!

They've also released first look images at the new season.

Ricky Gervais, who wrote and directed the series, announced its renewal last March.

Just 20 days after season one aired, he tweeted, 'Thanks again for all the love for #AfterLife.'

'I have never had a reaction like this.'

He went on, 'The reviews have been great but the response from viewers has been fu**ing amazing.'

'And that means so much more to me. You are the best fans in the world.'

Ricky added, 'Oh, and I've started writing series 2.'

Season 1

Season one of the show follows Tony, a local newspaper journalist whose wife has died.

Struggling to cope with his grief, Tony decides to give up his nice guy act and punish the world by doing and saying whatever he likes.

But his friends and family step in to help, and Tony's new carefree life ends up being a little trickier than he had intended.

Speaking to NME he said that After Life was, “the most dramatic, the darkest and the most uncompromising," piece of work he's ever created.

“Some people will love it, some people will hate it, most people won’t know it exists, so I’m all for that.”

Season 2

In this season, we'll see Tony as he tries to become a better friend to those around him.

Each grappling with their own problems and only to be intensified by the looming threat of the local newspaper being shut down.

Just 70 days to go!